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aromatherapy and plant based products


  My Mission


is to offer holistic support by creating beautiful, simple, and natural products that uplift your spirit and do no harm to the environment-and to make them affordable. 


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all natural.  





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A calming, moisturizing serum for your beautiful face. Use it as your moisturizer or underneath an extra moisturizer. Just choose your blend between Gentle (for sensitive skin), Bountiful (for dry and mature skin), or Bright (for acne prone or hormonal skin). Highly addictive product!


Every time I wear this perfume that I made, with several different essential oils that I love, people stop me and say "You smell good," Hence, the name, Available in a perfume oil roll on. Runaway favorite, number one best selling item!


A gentle foaming facial cleanser with a carefully crafted blend of pure essential oils designed to nurture your skin. Choose your blend between gentle (for sensitive skin), bountiful (for mature or dry skin), bright (for acne prone or hormonal skin) or a special blend designed for men.

$10.00 - $25.25



I've designed these products with love to uplift and inspire you

in your daily life. My products make cleaning, primping

and bathing more conscious, more genuine, and hopefully, more fun.


I use no formaldehyde,

synthetic fragrances,

 and no sulfates

in my orginal product blends.



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